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    Commercial Hood Cleaning Services for Restaurants

    Are you searching for commercial hood cleaning services? If so, Green Pros Cleaning and Sanitation Services can help! The heart of a restaurant is the kitchen as for any other food and beverage business. However, proper ventilation is a must as the entire restaurant depends on this type of equipment to keep the grease and cooking odors away from the kitchen and customer areas.

    Cooking frequently several dishes at the same time has to have a clean hood system not only to function properly but also to preserve the lifespan of the unit. The proper maintenance service can prolong and keep up and running a hood for several years without replacing it with a new unit. For this type of job, don’t hesitate to call Green Pros Cleaning and Sanitation Services

    Why Hire Our Services

    Green Pros Cleaning Services, LLC offers Commercial Hood Cleaning Services at affordable prices. We deliver professional and quality cleaning services to all Miami, Broward and Palm Beach counties to all industries throughout South Florida. We provide all commercial cleaning services, pressure washing, parking lot sweeping, post-construction cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and house cleaning services.

    Green Pros Cleaning Services is a fully licensed and insured Florida cleaning company offering restaurant cleaning, janitorial services, post-construction services, parking lot sweeping and house cleaning services. Each of our employees has extensive training providing our client’s outstanding results. They are reliable and trustworthy with the skills needed to clean every corner leaving any property spotless.

    Other Services

    • Commercial cleaning services
    • Pressure washing
    • Post-construction cleaning
    • Restaurant cleaning
    • House cleaning services
    • Parking lot sweeping

    An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

    As society works to be more environmentally oriented and become greener again, Green Pros is committed to providing all of our services using eco-friendly products while working to reduce the contaminants are surrounding your commercial kitchen or properties that need disinfestation. Our practices and regularly use of environmentally preferable products, microfiber systems, HEPA/ULPA vacuums and specialized chemical dispensing systems make us proud that while we perform our job, we don’t harm the earth.

    Green Pros Commercial Hood Cleaning Services

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