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    Post Construction Cleaning Services

    Green Pro Clean Services is the industry leader in post-construction cleaning services in Florida, including Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Dust and debris can get overwhelming from new construction or home remodeling project, and no project is complete until the proper post-construction cleaning.

    Why Hire Our Post Construction Cleaning

    Green Pro Clean Services provides comprehensive post-construction cleaning services in Florida for commercial and residential construction sites no matter the size of the property. With a detail-oriented and hard-working post-construction cleaning crew, we have established A+ ratings and a reputation hardly beaten among competitors. In addition, word-of-mouth referrals and satisfied customers are the reflections of what we strive for in a cleaning business. We don’t take shortcuts as we have a post-construction cleaning method that works to facilitate the process with outstanding results. Moreover, customer satisfaction is key to rate our own job as they are the judges and our cleaning services are the pillars of our company.

    Dirt and debris are going to be present during any renovation project; however, if you need the place in immaculate condition, professional post-construction cleaning is a must, and renovation experts only do the basic cleanup. When the residue of a performed job is left behind, Green Pro Clean Services has the equipment, expert cleaners, and eco-friendly cleaning products to erase the remnants of a recent construction or renovation job.

    How We Work

    Common issues after a home makeover project include dust on the window ledges, carpet, and floors. Sometimes dust and debris might be left in specific corner areas where extensive work was done. Any post-construction remains should be removed from your premises for the new occupants or property owners.

    Metal, glass, and wood debris are spread during construction and renovation processes. Green Pro Clean’s construction cleaning crew knows what it takes to get rid of such small particles without making more of a mess on the walls and other areas. For a clean and functional environment, our highly-trained experts have years of experience specializing in cleaning techniques to speed up the process of habiting the property immediately. We send all the workforce needed to clean the smallest and biggest properties with the same detailed-oriented service and quality service that we are known for.

    Want to clean up all the dust and debris from all the construction work? Give us a call at 954-281-8530.

    Dust and debris can get overwhelming from a new construction project and our comprehensive post construction cleaning services can help.

    With dust, dirt, and grime covering most of the surfaces following any construction project, you want a company that can transform your workspace and gives it the attention it deserves. Green Pro Clean is your company to provide a superior post construction cleaning service.

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    Green Pro Clean Services, LLC offers outstanding complete cleaning and janitorial services at an affordable price. Contact us today for an estimate on your services.

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