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    Hiring a commercial cleaning company can be a valuable and cost-effective investment for businesses. When an establishment is adequately cleaned and maintained by a professional company, it leaves a positive effect not only on the interior and exterior appearance but also on the overall image of the business.

    Why Hire Us?

    Green Pros Cleaning Services has become South Florida’s top commercial cleaning company through the combination of premium equipment, innovative technology, and dedicated staff. We are a value-oriented and highly competitive commercial cleaning company and have a strong service-driven reputation for offering the best quality services at competitive pricing.

    At Green Pros Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing the business community with high-quality cleaning services at reasonable pricing. Our mission is to provide services that maintain a business image of reliability and trust. We also have a customer service that receives calls on 24/7 to address all your commercial cleaning needs.

    Our Services

    Commercial Cleaning for Restaurants

    At Green Pros Cleaning Services, we know how important cleanliness is to the bottom line of your restaurant. A failed health inspection, bad word of mouth, or negative reviews can reduce your clientele for your business. That’s why we offer our quality restaurant cleaning services to help you clean the cooking, eating, and waiting areas, to meet and exceed safety and health standards.

    Commercial Cleaning for Malls

    Shopping malls see thousands of visitors daily. An unclean mall loses customers very quickly. Green Pros Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing fast and quality shopping mall cleaning services to attract more customers, increasing your sales and services. Our experienced staff will keep your shopping mall looking tidy and fresh every morning, giving everyone a great welcoming impression.

    Commercial Cleaning for Parking Lots

    If you own a commercial parking lot, a clean place to park their vehicles should be your number one priority. Cars often leak oils that leave a dingy surface. At Green Pros Cleaning Services, we pressure clean parking lots to restore their appearance. Many business owners may not have time to clean their parking lots themselves. If that is the case with you, don’t worry; we will handle the commercial cleaning job for you. By the time we are done, your parking lot will look crystal clear.

    Commercial Cleaning for Hospitals

    Because of health-related infections and diseases spreading more rapidly than ever, professional, in-depth cleaning services are now a necessity. At Green Pros Cleaning Services, we specialize in the cleaning of hospitals, medical, and other healthcare facilities with staff knowledgeable and trained to surpass the high-quality standards that you expect from a professional cleaning company.

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